Welcome to Yet Another Jerry Garcia Tribute!

I'm gonna try to make this one a little different, by making sort of a contest out of it. Here's what I'm thinking....

Each week I'll put a new poem, essay, or whatever on this web page, but, here's the catch; I have neither the talent, nor the time to write something new each week, so I'm asking all of you Heads out there to send in entries. (Address at bottom of page.)

I, and my team of "experts" will pick a new entry each week, and post it here along with all the previous winners.

Now, I really don't have the funds to give prizes, or anything like that, but, hey this is a tribute, remember? :-)

Besides at least you'll have your work be seen by other Heads.

Okay, to get things started, here's a poem I wrote for him....

Bertha's Teardrop

Pluck the strings much softer now,

For the harp has come unstrung.

And the petals of the rose are falling

Like the notes that were once sung.

And the echo of the laughter,

That scurried through the halls,

Is now but a memory,

Since our ace pitcher got the call.

The boyish smile and plain black tee,

Are no longer to be seen.

Hey, Uncle Jerry, kind old soul,

Lie in peace eternally.

12:45am August 10, 1995

Okay, that was mine, now its your turn.

Mail me at dedhed@ccia.com with any "entries" or suggestions...

First posting will be on Sept 14, 1996.....

Until then, may the wind be at your back and the sun in your face....

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